DJ NUL's life and attitude to music were transformed in 2007, during a six-month period in which Dieter Hoeness ("taken over," in his own words, "by confusion and disgust") attacked and stabbed his brother onstage with a knife he was using to play guitar. In the face of the increasingly radical promptings of Karmina Maslansky, the Scene Unconscious movement fragmented into Scene Unconscious Zero and the new Scene Discontinuous, and NUL himself was committed to a mental facility. During a stay of fourteen weeks in - as the result of a clerical error - the geriatric ward of a local hospital, he seems to have been subject to an ongoing vision concerning the basis or "Grundlage" of his music. Although he remains reluctant to discuss this period of his life (prompting his famous repeated one-word dismissal of all related questions in interview - "Ungeregenschirmt"), rumours have persistently surfaced concerning NUL's addiction to an "information-drug" referred to as "glitch". Whether this is an underground term for the substance itself, or simply a codeword used by the Scene members remains unclear.
organica central
Towards the end of '07, NUL was released from hospital. Now feeling "a sense of disgust" for Munich, and convinced that it was urgent that he "should be elsewhere at the same time", he found a van and made his way to Glasgow, where he now lives and works, producing the music called Organica. He is not uncritical of his new home, and is part of the now-thriving "Sub-Underground".
"In London everyone is wanting to be part of The Scene, everyone is wanting to be Underground: not only this, but, you know, they are wanting to be famous in the mainstream for Being Underground. In other words they are wanting to be green for being black. It is from this situation that the idea of the Sub-Underground, or 'Unterseeboot-Unterirdisch', develops. It is a constant turning-on-itself ('seineneigenenkopfessenwegvon').
"There is no rule, no measure. This is the freedom which cannot be justified."