in the future
quiet is manufactured by corporations
and sold to the very rich
in the future
undergoing surgery is looked on as a hobby
while sound is available by clinical prescription
in the future the family gathers three times a day to listen.
eating takes place in the bedroom
as relaxation or rebellion
in the future
noise holds influential positions in government
in the future
surgical advance has made it possible
to listen to reverberation without the inconvenience of sound
in the future philosophical debates are settled by
sampling the opposing concepts, ring-modulating them,
and feeding the result back through vast loudspeakers in a public space
in the future
computers are generated by music
in the future
tactile bands are as popular as sonic ones
in the future some harmonic structures are prohibited by law.
certain rhythms, while they may be listened to
may not be sold or held in possession
in the future
genetic recreation has enabled people
to grow sound from their bodies
in the future
it is possible to sample the brain patterns of others
and play them back, on sixteen simultaneous channels, with flanger
in the future
the music plays
the musician

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