One of the most obvious "freedoms" which NUL and Crew Radix have historically allowed themselves, takes the form of the so-called "Anderegeschichte" - or Alternative History. This of course has a conceptual basis in the group's obsessive engagement with identity change and dissolution. It is, however, undeniable that the practice has proved legally convenient for the group members on a number of occasions. As the German authorities began to take a keener interest in their activities, police investigators found themselves confronted with an increasingly-intricate web of alter egos, internet hoaxes and multimedia disinformation, the complexity of which eventually reached (in the words of a state-funded art-psychologist) "the level of psychosis".
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NUL himself has maintained a variety of cross-indexed identities since his early days in Munich. His own given name is unknown. At one time it was widely accepted as "Gerd Hausmann", but doubt has since been cast on this, with Maslansky claiming the name was fabricated casually in 2004, at a time when he had locked himself for several weeks in his house. Following his arrest for possession of the drug Glitch, "Hausmann"s preferred alter-ego became "g j kennedy" - on the basis, apparently, that a foreign-sounding name would lend weight to his frequent claims that he had "left the country".
Kreisler claims in the journal Schloss that NUL had confided in him, "kennedy is used to account for the existence of certain music or writing which would otherwise be inexplicable". When pressed on the possible existence of a real kennedy, whom he had been impersonating, NUL was evasive. kennedy, he said, "clearly existed", and had been variously "a mathematician, a mountaineer, a mental patient, an independent record label magnate." "From which," ends Kreisler, "we can conclude next to nothing." (Abwesenheitsangrenzung - literally "Absence-adjacence")